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14 articles from 8 sources

Public Health

EAPM: Information for the nation – health-care gaps need to be filled

EU Reporter

Much has been said about potential over-diagnosis and over-treatment as a result of screening programmes and fast-improving diagnostic tools, writes European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM) Executive Director Denis Horgan. But not...

Children are our future: NCD prevention must begin at an early age


Childhood obesity, exposure to tobacco, air pollution and inequalities in health care access contribute to NCDs in childhood and adolescence, which in turn have repercussions in adulthood. There are four main risk factors associated with the...

Why Europe urgently needs to buy into the alcohol ‘best buys’


The Sustainable Development Goals Agenda recognises alcohol as an important factor “in preventing healthy lives and the promotion of well-being for all”, with the inclusion of target 3. to strengthen the prevention and treatment of substance...

Putting an end to the chronic disease epidemic in Europe and beyond – what are we waiting for?


Momentum is growing internationally on the urgency to act on chronic diseases, which affect one-third of the European population aged 15 and over in Europe[1], and 23. % of working-age Europeans[2].

European Alliance for Personalised Medicine - UPCOMING EVENTS

European Alliance for Personalised Medicine

nd European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Congress - "Forward as One: Integrating Innovation into Europe's Healthcare Systems" When: 26 Nov 2018 - 28 Nov 2018 Organiser: European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Contact: Denis Horgan,...


HTA debate ongoing: Amendments to be decided, compromises to be agreed

EU Reporter

The issue of the European Commission’s proposals on more EU-wide cooperation in health technology assessment, or HTA, has been discussed in the European Parliament on several occasions, and has seen continuous engagement on the topic between the...

Ebola vaccine Deployment, Acceptance and Compliance (EBODAC) – the simple story (Guest blog)


The largest Ebola outbreak to date took place in 2014-2016 in Western Africa. Supporting the Ebola vaccine studies in Africa EBODAC’s first task was to support the clinical study with the Janssen vaccine in Sierra Leone, which led to unique...


Call for ECDC Fellowship Programme (EPIET and EUPHEM paths)


The ECDC Fellowship Programmes goal is to develop an European network of public health epidemiologists sharing concepts & methods. In addition, depending on the path they apply for, candidates need to fulfil the following formal requirements:...

Development of medicines for rare diseases

European Medicines Agency

In 2000, the EU’s orphan designation programme was launched to encourage companies to research and develop medicines for rare diseases.

Do you care about pharmaceutical manufacturing jobs in Europe? [Promoted content]


The European Commission is considering amending legislation relating to “supplementary protection certificates” (SPC) in order to support production of medicinal products in the EU. Current EU legislation prohibits production of a generic or...

Why are pharmacists needed in industry? And what exactly can they do there? (Guest blog)


Why are pharmacists needed in industry?.

Meeting highlights from the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) 3-6 September 2018

European Medicines Agency

PRAC elects new vice-chair The Committee elected Dr Martin Huber from Germany as the new vice-chair to take over from Dr Álmath Spooner. EMA would like to thank Dr Spooner for the dedication and knowledge that she put at service to ensure the...

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